POSTED 3rd January 2020

How safe is breast implant removal?

Whilst the procedure is relatively straight-forward, we can well understand you asking the question: how safe is breast implant removal?  

Like any surgery, breast implant removal carries risk, partly because it involves having a general anaesthetic.  However, these risks can be minimised by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon and having your procedure carried out at an established practice like Manchester Plastic Surgery.

Complications with breast implant removal surgery are rare but they can occur, so will be discussed with you in detail when you attend your initial consultation appointment.  The most common complication is infection so you’ll be asked to keep an eye out for symptoms such as swelling, oozing, fever or the breast being particularly hot to the touch.  If you have any concerns at all following your surgery, we will be on hand to help.


Is breast implant removal right for you?

Whilst the decision to have breast implants should be considered long-term, it is possible to have them removed should you change your mind.  

Sometimes breast implants need to be removed on medical grounds while some women prefer to replace them with newer versions after 15 or 20 years.  Sometimes people’s attitudes and likes/dislikes change which leads them to want a return to their natural size and shape.  

Whatever your motivation for breast implant removal surgery, you’re in safe hands with Manchester Plastic Surgery. This is because we have one of the most experienced plastic surgery teams in the North West, so your surgery would be carried out by our consultant Mr James Murphy who has specialised in breast implant surgery for some two decades. 


In safe hands

Mr Murphy is supported by equally experienced consultant anaesthetists, Dr Simon Maguire and Dr Nick Wisely, and a fantastic team of nurses who will look after your every need.  Plus, we’re based at the Spire Hospital Manchester which boasts state-of-the-art surgical facilities and the very best in patient comforts. This makes the whole experience as pleasant as possible and ensures you can relax in comfortable surroundings, especially in the first stages of your recovery.


What does breast implant removal surgery involve?

Just like when you had the implants fitted, breast implant removal is major surgery so should not be undertaken lightly. You will, of course, need a general anaesthetic and to stay in hospital for at least one night so that we can monitor your recovery.

Where possible, we will make incisions along the lines of the original surgery, to minimise further scarring.  The exact procedure will depend on whether you are having further treatment, such as a breast uplift, but we will talk you through the approach when you attend your initial consultation and pre-surgery appointments.

If it’s a procedure you’re considering, then book an initial consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons at the Spire Hospital Manchester.