POSTED 4th December 2019

What to expect with a breast implant removal

If you have decided you no longer want your breast implants, they can be removed by one of our experienced plastic surgeons.  Breast implant removal is a relatively straightforward procedure involving a general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital.  Your surgeon will reduce scarring as far as possible by making incisions in the same location as when your breast implants were first fitted.


The surgical procedure for removing your breast implants will be discussed in detail at your initial consultation when your surgeon, Mr James Murphy, will be able to discuss your needs and assess your anatomy to determine the best approach.  Where appropriate, and where a breast uplift is required, we will use a breast implant removal technique called ‘en bloc removal’.  This is seen as the ‘gold standard’ way to remove an implant as it involves removing the implant and the capsule as one.  It means the implant is removed without contaminating the pocket with any silicone whatsoever.


When you’ve had your surgery, you will need to stay with us for at least one night so that we can monitor your progress and ensure you get plenty of rest.


You should expect to be sore and tender for a few days, so do ask someone to drive you home from hospital so that you can sit comfortably.  You’ll be given pain relief medication before you leave, so you can manage any discomfort.


We cannot emphasise too strongly that the best way to ensure a good recovery is to get plenty of rest. That means:


  • Planning ahead, so you come to hospital you should compile any books and films you might like to read or watch so that you can enjoy taking it easy when you get home. And make sure your cupboards are stocked with plenty of food so you don’t have to shop!
  • Sitting upright as much as possible as this will minimise swelling.
  • Wearing loose clothing which doesn’t touch your scars too much. We will provide you with a soft bra for use while your scars begin to heal.


Your follow-up appointments will be booked before you are discharged from hospital, with the first taking place usually 7 – 10 days after your surgery.


If you work, you will probably want to take at least a week off so that you can rest and get into a comfortable position.  Remember, your patience with your recovery will pay off – the more you can do to look after your scars in the days and weeks after surgery, the faster you will recover in the medium to long-term.


Please get in touch to find out more or to book your initial consultation.