JOY™ by Motiva®

A Completely New Breast Augmentation Experience

Once you decide to feel more body-confident and go ahead with your breast enlargement, we are here to ensure it’s a life-enhancing, worry-free experience for you.

We understand that great results and peace of mind go hand-in-hand which is why use Joy™ by Motiva®, the most advanced, next generation of implants.  Not only do these breast implants include enhanced safety features they are also soft to the touch with the movement of natural tissue.  What’s more, because they are significantly softer, they can be fitted with a much smaller incision than conventional breast implants which means you’ll be left with minimal scarring.

Implants that look good and feel amazing.

Safe – designed with a visual safety barrier giving the lowest level of gel diffusion available.

Enhanced shape – specially designed for enhanced shape so you can get personalised results with implants that complement your body beautifully.

Soft results that feel and move naturally – a multi-layer system unifies the implant’s structure allowing it to bend and squeeze. A smooth surface further enhances the natural finished look.

What implants are available?

When you attend your initial consultation, we’ll assess your physiology and seek to understand the results you’d like to achieve.  That way we’ll be able to advise which Motiva® implants would suit you best.  There are three options:

Motiva® Round Plus, Motiva Ergonomix® and Motiva Ergonomix2®


All the support you need

Only a handful of world-class surgeons have been trained to fit this particular brand with Mr James Murphy the only surgeon in the North West of England.  Whilst you’ll get all the support you need from the team here at Manchester Plastic Surgery,  Motiva®, a brand known for quality and innovation, also offers superb after-care including live support and digital tools for education and inspiration as well as information about breast health.  You can also access a community of women who have had breast implants fitted enabling you to connect with others who share your experience. 

From your initial consultation through to your treatment and your aftercare, we will ensure you receive the best medical advice and support throughout. Find out more about breast augmentation at Manchester Plastic Surgery or book a consultation. 


Breast Implant Warranty

Confidence for years.

The quality of your breast implants is as important to us as it is to you.  Whilst complications or problems are rare, it’s important to be aware of what could go wrong before you decide to go ahead with surgery.  Your surgeon will discuss this with you at your initial consultation.

For further peace of mind, it’s good to know that Joy™ by Motiva® includes warranty against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV, the most common but still rare complications following breast surgery. The warranty lasts for 10 years and includes your implants plus the actual procedure cost up to £2,500 per breast.  

Whilst we would encourage you to consider breast enlargement to be a lifelong decision, it is important to note that you can change your mind in future and have your implants removed with Breast Explant Surgery. The manufacturers of the implants we use offer financial assistance towards a Motiva™ explantation procedure.


How safe are breast implants?

Breast enlargement is a relatively straight-forward procedure.   However, as with any operation, there are risks and potential complications. Joy™ by Motiva® implants have enhanced safety features such as BluSeal+® which is a dispersion barrier that reduces silicone gel diffusion.  Plus, information about your specific implants can be identified via an identification device, should the need arise. During your initial consultation we’ll talk to you about risks so that you can make an informed decision about whether surgery is right for you.

Will I have scarring?

Yes, a breast enlargement operation will mean you have scars under your breasts, but these will be as small as possible and will fade over time.  Joy™ by Motiva® includes TrueMonobloc+™ which is a proprietary system that improves flexibility for easier insertion..

Can I breastfeed after implants?

Yes, you should be able to breastfeed after having breast implants fitted. It is safe to do so, and the milk ducts are not cut during the procedure.

How long does the recovery process take after breast augmentation surgery?

Everyone recovers at a different pace. You’re likely to feel tired and sore for a few days following your surgery though most of your discomfort can be controlled by prescribed medication.  Your stitches will absorb so won’t need to be removed but the swelling may take a couple of months to settle completely.  You should be able to return to work within two weeks depending on your job and you will be given advice on when to begin exercise and normal activities.  Find out more about recovering from breast surgery.