Platysmaplasty – Neck Lift Surgery.

As we age our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag.


Neck Lift Surgery Platysmaplasty


Loose skin around the neck and jawline slackens and this can cause jowls to appear as well as double and even triple chins. This problem causes an overall downturn of the face. It’s not unusual for patients considering neck lift surgery to complain that they have a permanently sad or melancholy expression.

A neck lift is a common procedure for both men and women to help regain a more youthful appearance. Sometimes it’s possible to achieve good results through fat removal alone, but if more extensive treatment is required we can remove excess fat and skin to tighten the area around the jawline and the neck.

Surgery can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a facelift, brow lift or eyelid surgery. All of this will be discussed with you when you come in for your platysmaplasty Manchester or neck tuck Manchester free consultation. If you are considering using our neck tuck UK services then please keep reading to find out more.

We’re here to help you decide.

Neck lift surgery generally takes two to three hours and can often be performed under local anaesthetic, though a general anaesthetic is always an option if you prefer.

The techniques we use will depend on the appearance of your neck and the results you would like to achieve.

If the problem is caused by excess deposits of fat in the neck, it may be possible to remove this through liposuction. Neck liposuction involves the insertion of a hollow tube, called a cannula, into the neck through which fatty deposits are withdrawn.

If you need more extensive treatment, however, we will remove skin and fat from your neck and tighten and restructure the underlying muscles.

Both approaches involve extremely small incisions behind the ears and under the chin. Your scars will be permanent, though the will fade with time. If you choose to undergo our neck lift surgery Manchester or neck tuck Manchester services then we will do everything within our power to make the scarring as discreet as possible.

You need to be aware of the risks before you go ahead with surgery.

While complications are rare, all surgery carries some element of risk.

Post-operative complications associated with neck lift include infections and blood clots. Infection can be treated with drainage and antibiotics, but you’ll probably have to stay in hospital until you are completely well. You can minimise the risk of blood clots by moving around as soon after surgery as possible.

Complications can also arise from anaesthesia – these will be discussed with you when you attend your free consultation.

We believe if you undergo our platysmaplasty Manchester services or our neck tuck surgery Manchester then you are putting yourself in very capable hands, however, certain risks are out of our hands and you must follow our advice after to reduce the chance of anything going wrong.

If you are considering a neck lift, it’s important that you have realistic expectations.

When you attend your free consultation, we will be able to examine your face and neck to assess whether a neck lift alone will give you the best results, or whether other facial surgery procedures will be required.

The initial consultation will enable us to give you a good indication of the likely results which can be achieved. This information will help you to decide if plastic surgery is the right step for you to take.

If you do decide to go ahead, you’ll need to be in good general health as this will assist in a better recovery from our neck tuck UK services.

Expect to have to stay in hospital for at least one night, and to have to take it easy for a week or two.

You’ll need to arrange for someone else to drive you home after your surgery, and you’ll need some time off work, though most patients return after a week or ten days. You’ll need more time to recover if your neck lift has been carried out in conjunction with other facial treatments.

We will monitor your recovery and provide advice and guidance about any dressings you may have to wear.

You’ll feel sore in the aftermath of surgery and there will be some swelling and bruising which could take a few weeks to settle. Don’t be surprised if it takes up to six months for your skin to heal and for you to see the full effects of your procedure. Pain and discomfort can be eased with medication we will prescribe.

I intend to try to lose weight, will this affect my surgery?

Yes, if you intend to lose weight it’s a good idea to postpone surgery. You don’t have to be absolutely at your target weight and early planning is a good way to focus your mind with regards to weight loss.

How long will the effects of a neck lift last?

This varies from person to person but expect your effects to last for 10 – 15 years. Having said that, you will always look better than you would have if you hadn’t had it done.

How can I care for my skin after surgery?

We will give you advice and guidance on caring for your skin after surgery. We have several skin care regimes available and we can discuss your options as part of your pre-operative planning.

Will the scars be visible?

Most surgery results in permanent scarring thought we will do our best to ensure your scars are discreetly hidden. Once they have faded, friends and acquaintances will not notice, though hairdressers are harder to fool!

When will I be able to shave after a neck lift?

We tend to advise people not to shave for the first week. It helps hide the scars and protects the stitches from being damaged by the razor. After that, you may shave as normal, though a light beard can be helpful in disguising the early result.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person