Brow Lift Surgery.

A brow lift can help to look younger and fresher.

With age, the skin on the forehead loses its elasticity and begins to slacken. This can cause the eyebrows to droop and result in excess skin in the upper eyelids.

The overall effect can be to make you look older than you are. For some people the effects are so pronounced that they look continually serious or a little grumpy, giving the wrong impression to friends or work colleagues and impacting personal and professional relationships.

While the brow lift has been largely surpassed, especially among younger patients, by the endoscopic facelift, it remains a highly effective treatment and we would still recommend our brow lift Manchester services to anyone who believes they need it.


A brow lift treatment is carried out using keyhole surgery.

We will make an incision in both temples and two small incisions made vertically on top of the scalp, just behind the hairline.

The surgery is then performed by inserting an endoscope so that the muscles can be freed and the vessels and nerves identified. It is then possible to lift the forehead tissues and weaken the muscle to reduce the frown lines and prevent the muscles from pulling the brows downwards.

The new forehead position is then stabilised, usually by inserting very tiny screws which support the deep tissues.

You’ll need to have a general anaesthetic and most patients stay in hospital for one night but sometimes a brow lift can be carried out as a day case. Our brow lift surgery Manchester consultant will be able to tell you whether you require an overnight stay or not. If you are interested in our bow lift surgery then keep reading to find our more.

It’s important to be aware of the risks before you decide to go ahead with any plastic surgery treatment.

Permanent loss of feeling is unusual but can happen if nerve damage occurs during the operation causing a partial reduction or complete loss of movement of the brow on one side of the forehead.

You’ll be bruised and swollen after surgery but this will eventually settle.

We will discuss the risks with you in great detail when you attend your free consultation. That way, you will be able to assess the pros and cons before you decide whether surgery is the right step for you.

We believe that if you undergo our brow lift surgery Manchester then you’re putting yourself in very capable hands, although as with any surgery there are still risks that are out of our control. If our brow lift Manchester services are still something you’re interested in then please book an appointment.

It all starts with your free consultation.

The free consultation is a good opportunity to find out the results that could be achieved.

During your initial consultation we will assess your forehead and determine whether the results you would like can be achieved through a brow lift. It’s important that we are able to meet your needs and that you have realistic expectations of the end result.

We will talk through the procedure in detail so that you can make an informed decision about whether surgery is right for you. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about any aspect of surgery.

If you do decide to go ahead, we will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare for surgery, giving specific instructions relating to eating and drinking. You’ll also be given a five-day course of Arnica tablets beforehand, and advised to stop smoking at least a week, ideally two, before and after surgery. Smoking inhibits blood flow to the skin and can interfere with healing.

If your hair is very short, you might want to let it grow so that it is long enough to hide the scars while they heal.

Also, it’s a good idea to do any household chores and stock up the fridge beforehand so that you can get plenty of rest in the immediate aftermath of the brow lift surgery.

It’s important to rest after surgery.

You’ll be prescribed medication after your brow lift surgery although pain is usually quite mild.

It’s advisable to ask someone to drive you home after you’ve had your operation and to help you out for a few days. You’ll be able to wash your hair on the day after surgery but you should avoid any strenuous activity for at least a week.

It’s a good idea to sleep with extra pillows, keeping the head elevated until the swelling reduces. Expect to be bruised and swollen, especially around the eyes, for at least a couple of weeks. Minor puffiness may take longer to wear off. Initially the forehead may feel rather numb and a little immobile, but this will wear off in time.

Vigorous exercise should be avoided for around six weeks.

How do I decide between a browlift and an endoscopic facelift?

When you attend your initial consultation we will seek to understand the results you would like to achieve and can then give you advice and guidance on the appropriate treatment.

How long will the swelling take to subside?

It depends on the procedure. With an endoscopic brow lift, the swelling tends to be unnoticeable within an couple of weeks. Open approaches can take longer.

How can I be sure I’ll look natural at the end of my treatment?

Most people simply want to look a better version of themselves, rather than go for a complete transformation. Our many years of experience in plastic surgery means we understand how to achieve a natural-looking end result.

Will people be able to tell if I’ve had a facelift?

Because we’re aiming for an enhancement of your natural look you won’t need to worry that people can tell you’ve had a facelift. Usually, patients who have had facelifts tend to find that people comment on how well they look. You may wish to only see close friends and family who know you’ve had the operation while your bruising settles down.

My whole face is sagging with age, will a brow lift give me the results I’m looking for?

A brow lift will help to rejuvenate your face but will have an effect only around the brow area. You may need to consider having your brow lift treatment alongside other facial treatments or surgery, such as a facelift.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person