Your preparation

Whatever treatment you’re having, you’ll need to ensure you get plenty of rest afterwards. Being organised in advance will help you to take it easy in the days and weeks after surgery, giving you a better chance of a smooth recovery.


Your time in hospital

Most treatments will require at least one overnight stay in hospital.  This is to enable you to recover from your anaesthetic.  Take the opportunity to get a good rest and let us take care of you, it will make a big difference.

Leaving hospital

Please do arrange for someone to drive you home from hospital. Depending on the treatment you have had, you’re likely to feel a little sore and won’t be able to manoeuvre as quickly and easily, so leave the driving to someone else.

We will also prescribe pain relief, as appropriate, for you to take home. Make sure you’re clear on the usage instructions – if you have any queries, please do ask us before you leave hospital.

Home from hospital

Don’t expect to feel 100%. We hope you’ll be up and about within a few hours of surgery but it takes time to get over the effects of an anaesthetic and for any bruising and swelling to calm down.

In the first few days after surgery you’ll need to get plenty of rest. Take some time off work – a week or two for most treatments – and get some good books, magazines or favourite films lined up so that you’re not bored.

If you’ve had facial surgery buy some extra pillows so you can keep your head elevated at night and refrain from wearing make-up for at least a week. You may also need to avoid your usual moisturising cream, though we will give you specific instructions before you leave hospital.

Ask someone to help you with washing and dressing for a few days, and enlist their support in cooking and tidying up afterwards. While it’s a good idea to move around after surgery you don’t want to overdo it.

Small dressings we use are often shower-proof and we will give you instructions about whether it is ok to get them wet. They shouldn’t need changing during the first week- we will do that at your first follow-up appointment. On discharge, we will give you written instructions on rest, stretching exercises where appropriate and how best to look after yourself.

Remind yourself to think long-term. You may be a little uncomfortable in the immediate aftermath of surgery, and it could take several weeks or months to make a complete recovery. People are often worried about whether certain side effects, feelings or appearances are ‘normal’ and we will be on hand to assess your recovery and reassure you about your progress.

We will be here for you throughout your recovery so if you have any questions between follow-up appointments, please do get in touch.