Decide with confidence using 3D modelling.

We are the only plastic surgery practice in the UK to offer state-of-the-art Vectra-XT 3D modelling of the face and body from within the clinic.

3D modelling allows you to see the difference your plastic surgery will make, before you undergo the operation.

This system is an excellent communication tool that helps you and your surgeon decide if plastic surgery is right for you, and to help determine the extent of your treatment to ensure you get the results you would like.

Get accurate images of what you’ll look like after plastic surgery.

Our 3D imaging system will generate an ultra-high resolution, 180-degree full colour picture of your face or body. You simply sit or stand in front of three 3-D cameras, keeping very still, while the images are captured. The process is instantaneous and, within two minutes, produces the full 3-D model which can be viewed in the consulting room to help you discuss your goals in detail.

We can then manipulate the image using sophisticated, procedure-specific software to simulate the results which could be achieved.

This is a great way to feel confident that we have a shared vision of the results you would like to achieve.

Compare how you look now with how you’ll look after plastic surgery.

The technology will allow you to view the images of your actual face and body and compare these to a preview of the effects of different procedures, before your operation. You’ll be able to view these highly accurate images from a variety of angles, and side-by-side, so it’s easy to compare them with your current appearance.

3D modelling can be used in advance of most of our face and body surgery, including facelift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck, and is particularly helpful when planning a combination of treatments, such as breast uplift and implants. It gives you a 180-degree picture of your face or body, allowing you to see how you look now and compare it with an accurate picture of the changes that would be made through surgery.

3D modelling helps you make the right choice.

We appreciate it’s a major decision to have plastic surgery which is why it’s good to gather as much information as possible beforehand.

An accurate 3D picture of how you will look after surgery helps you make an informed decision, whether you’re planning one procedure or having several carried out at the same time.

This can help you decide whether to go ahead with plastic surgery in the first place. If you do decide that surgery is right for you, the technology can help you make decisions about the extent of your procedure, providing an accurate, shared understanding of your treatment objectives.

Your initial consultation is free of charge. It is difficult to give a wholly accurate idea of the cost of your surgery until we have met and fully assessed your needs and goals. At the end you will be given an exact quote which will cover all treatment, appointments and re-admissions or revisions, should that be necessary. The price guide below should give a reasonable idea of the range of prices for your chosen treatment.

Your second consultation is more in-depth, often including a 3D imaging assessment and simulation of outcome, as well as preparation for the day itself. This costs £150 and is included in the cost of your treatment.