POSTED 22nd January 2018

Why is width so important when choosing breast implants?

When considering having breast implants you will no doubt be concerned about achieving a natural-looking end result. This can be achieved through choosing the right size of implant to suit your body – but you may not have realised that the correct width is as important as the overall size.

The correct width of implant makes a significant difference – the best results are achieved with implants which are at least as wide as your natural breast, sometimes slightly wider (to make up for a lack of tissue). Breast implants which are too small will leave you with too large a gap between your breasts while implants which are too small will push your breasts closer together. This would give an unnatural end result, which would make it difficult to find well-fitting bras and to achieve the desired appearance with the clothes you wish to wear.

For many women, it is quite straightforward to measure the width of the breasts as usually you can easily see the inside and outside edge of the breast, though it requires a special pair of callipers for accuracy as a tape measure reading can be distorted by the shape of the breast itself.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify the outside edge of the breast as it extends towards the underarm area in what is called the “axillary tail”.

In these circumstances, the most accurate and reliable way is to use our 3D imaging system which takes a three-dimensional image of the breast, providing accurate dimensions and volume readings.

For women having breast enlargement treatments here at Manchester Plastic Surgery, we have found this to be an invaluable tool as it helps to ensure there is a shared vision when discussing the implant options with patients.

We can then progress to discussing implant profile options to ensure we achieve the desired result.

Low to moderate profile implants tend to be slightly wider and less projected making them more aligned to the natural body shape of most women. Implants with a higher profile in proportion to the width will increase the projection of your breasts.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to breast implants. The right choice is a very personal decision. What’s important is that we understand how you want to look after surgery, and that you have confidence in knowing that your breast augmentation treatment will give you results you’ll love.

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