POSTED 24th July 2017

The power of sunshine – get outside to feel good this summer

Summertime has an incredible power. It seems that as soon as the sun shines, everywhere and everyone seems brighter and cheerier. While plastic surgery treatments can help you look good, there’s nothing better than a breath of fresh air to make you feel good. Here are five great reasons why you should spend some time in the sunshine this summer.

  • Vitamin D boost

As the sun hits your skin, it creates the production of vitamin D, a vital vitamin for the body which supports healthy teeth and bones; improves lung function and boosts the immune system.

  • Give yourself more energy

When we have lots of energy, we instantly feel happier and our mood lifted. Thanks to increased sun exposure, we can enjoy more energy as the sunlight regulates our melatonin levels so that we have more energy in the day and can sleep better at night. Win-win!

  • De-stress

If you have worries or stress that are clouding your mood, then take a walk in the sunshine. Increased sunlight levels mean increased UV light which causes humans to release feel-good endorphins notably the chemical serotonin. Serotonin boosts mood and social behaviour as well as improving sleep, memory and body functioning.

  • Help skin conditions

Sunlight can contribute to improving various skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and fungal infections. If your spots are getting you down, or you want to improve your skin’s appearance then enjoy a feeling of sun-kissed skin and let the sunshine work its magic on healing your skin conditions.

  • Hobbies

An excellent way to increase enjoyment in your hobbies and interests is to find a way to do them outside or take up new hobbies that are designed for sunny days. Instead of morning meditation in the bedroom, head to the garden for some early sunshine that is bound to put you in a great mood before work. Instead of going to the gym, put on your running shoes and find a local trail. There are so many great ways to get outside and enjoy the summer sun while it lasts.

  • Look good, feel good

Looking good is strongly linked to feeling good, so if it’s time to make a positive change with plastic surgery, please get in touch for an initial consultation. Read the Manchester Plastic Surgery Guide for more information.