POSTED 25th February 2022

Skin Lesion Removal – An Easy Step to Clearer Skin

For many, spots, skin tags, moles – however you call them – have always been a part of our bodies.  Few of us are lucky enough to have clear skin all over, most of us are marked with lesions. If you have skin lesions and they’re causing you to feel less self-confident because they are visible to others, we can help you with skin lesion removal surgery.

What are skin lesions?

Skin lesions is a term that covers a variety of abnormal skin conditions and include anything from blisters, moles, freckles, skin tags, even eczema and acne.   Many lesions are pigmented which means they are different in colour to the surrounding skin while others are non-pigmented, hence do not have a different colour to your skin.

While many of these bumps and patches are harmless, depending on where people can see them, they can often be a focal point and make you feel self-conscious.  Even if they are not harmful, you may experience discomfort if they are caught on clothing or easily rubbed when sleeping.

Which Lesions are a Concern

During your initial consultation, your skin lesion will be examined by one of our consultant plastic surgeons who will advise whether it is suspicious and discuss the next steps with you.

Our surgeons are very experienced in this area and if you have a suspicious growth – one that is usually larger than a half-centimetre, not uniform in shape or has changed shape – we can carry out a biopsy and a complete removal if necessary

How Easy is it to Remove a Skin Lesion?

Luckily, skin lesion removal is a straightforward procedure carried out under local anaesthetic.  The treatment area is numbed and the lesion including a small margin surrounding it, is removed with a scalpel.  Only what is necessary will be removed, following the outline of the lesion.

Stitches are usually not required, and the wound is left to heal on its own with a light dressing.  You will need to keep the area clean by regularly changing the dressing.  A follow-up appointment is scheduled 7-10 days after the procedure.

As with all our procedures, we carry them out at the state-of-the-art Spire Manchester Hospital, located near the city centre.  This does not require an overnight stay so you can return to the comfort of your home.

It is advised that you take it easy, following the lesion removal, to avoid stretching the area.  If there is any discomfort, pain relief will be prescribed.

Are you Unhappy About Marks on Your Skin?

Please do get in touch to find out how we can address any concerns that you have with skin tags, moles, or other lesions.  When you book an initial consultation, one of our plastic surgeons will discuss whether skin lesion removal surgery is right for you.