POSTED 7th December 2016

What to expect at your initial consultation

When you decide to go ahead with a plastic surgery treatment, you’ll need lots of information about what’s involved. You’ll need to know what to do to prepare for your surgery, what to expect when you’re in hospital and what you can do to help your body heal afterwards. Plus, of course, you’ll need to feel confident that you will achieve the results you’re looking for before you decide to go ahead. All this, and more, is covered in our initial consultation, the very first step in your journey with the team here at Manchester Plastic Surgery.

Arranging your appointment

To book your initial consultation, simply get in touch with one of our secretarial assistants, Sue Hinchcliffe or Pam Barth. Sue and Pam will find a date and time which is convenient to you and you’ll need to set aside in the region of one-and-a-half to two hours. The consultation includes planning and our 3-D scan service, and costs £150.

Preparing for your appointment

Your initial consultation is the ideal time to ask lots of questions about the treatment you have in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask about any aspect of your surgery, it’s important to us that you make the right decision about whether surgery is right for you and you can only do this when you have the answers you need.
It’s worth doing a little research before you attend – read the information on our Treatments pages as well as our General Aftercare and Surgery Guide. Think of any additional questions you would like to ask – it’s a good idea to write them down rather than try to remember them all!

What to expect at your consultation

As well as asking us lots of questions, we will also ask you lots of questions! We will want to gain a thorough understanding of what you would like to achieve from your plastic surgery treatment and so will cover your motivations and your expectations. We will also assess the area of your face or body that you want to change, and question you about your general health and relevant medical history. All this information helps us to give you a clear indication of whether we can meet your needs. It’s important that you have realistic expectations of what can be achieved so that you are happy with your end results if you do decide to go ahead.

3-D imaging

Our 3-D imaging service is used during this appointment. It enables us to build an image of your current body shape and show you the difference that would be made with plastic surgery. Lots of patients find it a helpful way to visualise their results and to feel confident in making the right decision about whether to go ahead with surgery. You can find out more about our 3-D imaging service here.

After your consultation

At the end of your initial consultation we hope you will be equipped with all the information you need to make the choice that’s right for you. It’s a good idea to think more about surgery for a few days after your appointment, and to talk about it with a friend or relative.

You may, of course, decide that surgery isn’t right for you. However, if you do decide to go ahead with treatment then Sue or Pam will be in touch to set a date for your surgery and to provide you with an information pack and forms which will need to be completed and further discussions with your surgeon can be arranged, if required.

Book your initial consultation or read our case studies.