POSTED 17th March 2017

What bra to wear after breast surgery

Whether you have a breast enlargement or breast reduction treatment, it’s important that you know how to look after your body in the days and weeks after surgery. Managing your dressings and wearing the right bra are all part of the process.

Managing dressings

When you come round from your anaesthetic after breast surgery you will be wrapped in specialist dressings to help you heal and to protect you from infection. These dressings will cover most of your chest area and will need to stay in place overnight.

You should expect to be able to go home the next day but before you are released we will replace the dressings with less substantial tapes to cover the area where the incisions have been made. Again, this is to promote healing and to protect infection. The tapes are removed when you return for your next follow-up appointment, about a week after your treatment.

Wearing a bra after breast surgery

Because breast enlargement and breast reduction surgery involves incisions at the base of the breasts, it’s important to wear a bra that doesn’t interfere with stitches or cause discomfort. To help aid your recover, we will provide you with two comfortable bras before you leave hospital. You’ll need to wear only these bras for at least a month after surgery.

Of course, most patients look forward to shopping for new bras after they’ve had breast surgery. However, be aware that your breasts are likely to change size during the recovery period due to swelling. You should let your breasts settle before you invest in new underwear so that you get the right size and fit, this usually takes 4 – 8 weeks.

You can read more about recovering from surgery on our general aftercare pages, or contact us if you have any queries about any aspect of your recovery.