POSTED 11th October 2017

Can you re-shape uneven breasts?

It is entirely normal to have breast asymmetry where one breast that is slightly bigger than the other. Sometimes this is just the way you’re made, though sometimes the size and shape of your breasts change with breastfeeding or age.

Lots of women turn to padded bras to help disguise the problem under clothes, and this may be a long-term solution for you if the unevenness is not too pronounced. If the problem is getting you down, however, then breast asymmetry plastic surgery may be worth considering.

What is breast asymmetry surgery for uneven breasts?

Because breast asymmetry may affect the shape, size or nipple position, there are various plastic surgery options open to you. It may be that you wish to increase the size of the smaller breast or reduce the size of the larger breast. Alternatively, it may be possible to create a more even look by undertaking a breast uplift procedure, also known as a mastopexy. The right option will depend upon your physiology as well as the results you wish to achieve.

The best way to determine what would work best for you is to attend an initial consultation at Manchester Plastic Surgery. This consultation would allow us to assess your body and discuss the options with you. You may also like to use our 3D modelling service whereby you can see the results that would be achieved before you decide to go ahead with surgery.

What happens during breast asymmetry surgery?

Whether you’re having a breast enlargement, breast reduction, or a breast uplift, your breast asymmetry surgery will require a general anaesthetic. Generally speaking, your surgery will take a couple of hours and you should expect to have an overnight stay.

What happens after breast asymmetry surgery?

After surgery, you will need to get plenty of rest, so ensure you can take at least a week off work. You’ll need to avoid heavy lifting and may also need help with washing and dressing for a few days.
If you’ve had a breast enlargement or reduction you will be a little swollen and sore in the immediate aftermath of surgery, but we will provide you with medication to help ease your discomfort.

What to do next

To find out more about treatments for breast asymmetry, please get in touch to arrange an initial consultation.