POSTED 3rd April 2017

Tatler names Mr Murphy as ‘best for bodies’

James Murphy has been named as one of the ‘best body surgeons in the UK’ by Tatler magazine. The prestigious magazine has short-listed Mr Murphy in the body procedures section of its Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2017.

Tatler says: “With his busy Manchester practice and three boys under the age of 21, Murphy is, in his own words, very much a ’21st-century man’.

“Remarkably empathetic, he possesses a genuine appreciation of what the abdomen means to a woman. He says: “It influences how they dress. It affects their self-esteem. Some won’t let their husband put their hands on their stomach, because they think it feels like dough.”.

The magazine goes on to say that Mr Murphy’s tummy work ‘doesn’t just rebuild confidence – it restores intimacy between many of the couples he sees’ and notes the fact that he encourages female patients to bring their partner to the second consultation. “Men often struggle with the idea of why women want to have this surgery, but this helps them to understand,” he says.

The initial consultation and planning of surgery is also noted by Tatler, which says: “Planning is reassuringly militant, from the examination and the marking, to the decision of how much tissue to remove (‘Patients are normally surprised by how much is going to go’) and the aftercare. “Scars are the big barrier that people have in terms of wanting to go ahead with surgery.”

Recognition from Tatler was a complete surprise to Mr Murphy. He was contacted by the magazine and asked a series of questions, and it wasn’t until a few weeks later than he received the good news that he had been short-listed as one of four of the UK’s best cosmetic surgeons for body treatments.

“I’m not sure what their criteria was but I am absolutely delighted to have been included in the list of best body surgeons UK,” he said.

The listing is testament to the value of quality and experience in the delivery cosmetic surgery at a time when patients can choose cut-price procedures at overseas clinics.

Body cosmetic surgery treatments offered by James Murphy at Manchester Plastic Surgery include tummy tucks, mummy makeovers and fat grafting. Please get in touch for more information or to book your initial consultation.